bird down

we are like birds whose wings have been cut off. we cannot fly. we live with anxiety and fear. we fear men and their actions. Jyoti Singh was only one of the billions of girls and women that have been victims of the brutal crimes committed by men. and she was blamed. for being out of the house at 8:00 pm on a sunday, coming home from a movie with a friend. for having a normal life. for being like anyone else. for doing something that only guys should be doing- living. her and her male friends boarded a bus where he was beaten and she was gang-raped and murdered. her intestines were pulled out of her and, when they met their “needs”, they threw her out on the side of the street and went about their lives. four men were arrested and, after over a month of protests on the streets, day after days, so that justice would be served, given the death penalty. the juvenile, who also raped and helped murder her, was put in a “special home” for only three years. “if the law thinks it’s right to marry a girl, a girl at the age of 12 or 13, then a 15-16 year old boy who rapes or harms a girl, why can’t HE be punished?” -mother of Jyoti Singh. in India, more specifically, Dehli, India, it is a “man’s right” in society to do as he wishes with any girl or woman.  Jyoti lasted 3 days in the hospital, the last thing, the last words, that she said to her mother was, “sorry mummy, i gave you so much trouble. i am sorry.” society has done this to us. men in our society have done this. to call them humans is to give humanity a bad name. if we call them monsters, even monsters have some limits. they went beyond the limits of the devil.

  • Australia: 35% raped, 15% reported
  • Canada: 1 in 3 women are raped, 6% is reported
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: more than 400,00 women raped per year
  • Denmark: 1 in 5 reported rapes result in conviction
  • Egypt: 96% have experienced genital mutilation
  • Ethiopia: 60% of women experience sexual violence
  • France: 1 in 10 women suffer domestic violence
  • Nigeria: 10 of 36 states’ law allows husbands to use physical force against wife
  • South Africa: women is raped every 26 seconds
  • Sri Lanka: it takes 6-12 years to resolve a rape case
  • UK: 33% of girls ages 13-17 have experienced sexual violence
  • USA: over 17.7 million women have been reportedly raped

1 in 3 women, globally, is beaten, raped, or abused.

1 in 5 will be a victim of rape or an attempt of rape


it is somehow always the woman’s fault: she shouldn’t have been wearing that. she shouldn’t have been there. she shouldn’t talk to a stranger- she shouldn’t live a normal life.

even a police officer, from Dehli, believes that it is better that the girl is murdered, because if not, she will just be a walking shame, a walking corpse. i am not judging their culture or anyone else’s. but i do question their mindsets.

women have rights. the right to live, speak, smile, and be whatever a man can be. be proud to be a woman and take a stand for our ladies! we’ve only got each other ❤