backbone since 10/13/15

an unconditional friendship doesn’t come around often , so when it does , hold on to it as tight as you can and don’t let go .

it all started on Oct. 13 of 2015 , when i told him i wanted to be friends with him . my club was doing a spirit week type thing and that day was the day to make a stranger a friend . he agreed , but i think he was a little scared that i might try to kidnap him . ( i was thinking ab it tbh ) so over those next couple of weeks , we got to know each other and we facetimed every chance we got , he has this amazing girlfriend (A) ( and she is so beautiful ) , and we would go on and on about the things we loved and our natural highs (:

he was quiet at first and then there was no way of shutting him up , not that i ever had or ever will have the desire to ! he is so unique to me . and a big part of my world . one of my closest friends . my best friend . we are on and off and back on and off again , mostly on my part . but im thankful that he’s stayed by my side .

and i refuse to lie , i do take him for granted a lot . and i am horrible at staying in touch . and being a great friend to him . sometimes i get so busy that i forget that i have a friend that also needs a friend .

i have never met someone like him . someone so forgiving and compassionate about others . someone who is selfless and true to himself . someone who’s laugh is the only thing you want to hear for the rest of the day . someone who is there when you need them , always there . someone who lights up your world with their smile . someone who is that sunlight on your rainy ass day . that’s what he means to me .

and i don’t know what in the world i would do with out him . he is my backbone .