don’t feel bad.

Don’t ever feel bad for putting yourself first. After so much time of caring for others and putting them before yourself, you begin to lose yourself. Sure, claim that you haven’t, claim that you won’t ever lose yourself. Thats what I did, but you don’t notice like everyone else does around you.

You lose the sparkle in your eyes and the glow in your skin. It’s a lovely thing to be in love and to want to give that person all that you are. That is okay, because that is what love is all about. You lose yourself when you are the one who is putting in the greatest amount of effort. True, sometimes it is needed that you put in a lot more effort, they may be going through something, they may have their bad days.. But when it is adding up and adding up and you cannot honestly say that it is mutual, you have to realize that you are drained.

Don’t feel bad for walking away, even without an explanation. Don’t feel bad for giving up or for letting go. Don’t feel bad for moving on. Don’t feel bad for being happy and searing for that sparkle again.

As humans we crave affection, attention, and love. When you ask for those things from someone who you give them to, you are not asking for too much. Don’t limit yourself and tie chains around your ankles, you will begin to drown.

It truly is lovely to be in love, but not to be in love with someone who isn’t in love enough to show that they love you.

Just let go. Be strong enough to be independent. It’s scary being alone sometimes… You feel like you are empty without that person by your side even if they don’t do you any good, but it is necessary that you move on.

Try something new. Fall in love with yourself. Fall completely and utterly in love with the person you are. If you don’t like who you see when you look into a mirror, change. But depend on yourself for love and happiness, not others. There is no way you can be sincerely happy if you depend on someone else to make you happy.

Don’t feel bad for trying to be happy.

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