color me yours.

sometimes I don’t meet people’s expectations or standards. sometimes I am too much or not enough. at least that’s what it seems like nowadays. I am not just right, I’m too friendly or too rude, too ugly or not pretty enough, too skinny or not skinny enough…

but I swear there was a time when I was just right for someone. and he sure did love me, gave me his all even. he treated me like a princess, gave me butterflies every time he looked my way. his effortless ways, made me effortlessly smile. I can swear up and down all day that he will come back, because we were happier than we have ever been.

but it’s been months, almost a year since we have had a conversation. a nice one, at least. one that ended in mutual love for one another. I wonder if he still loves me the way he used to.

I have gotten so used to everyone coloring me different colors, colors that I don’t even recognize. colors that I have never seen before and have no desire of seeing on me again. They color me a sad blue, a neon pink, a glossy red, and a bright yellow. but those aren’t my colors, you never colored me that way. you never changed my tone or shade. but these people don’t seem to like my color. they want to enhance, contrast, and mix it with a different one. don’t let them falsify my tint. come back, and color me yours.

erase those dark shades of blue and the light grays… make me as bright as I used to be when I was still yours. color me the electrifying color of happiness that made me feel empowered and radiant. color me beautiful, bring back my roots. and don’t let them change my hue. intensify me the way you used to. bring back my saturation. bring back my chromaticity.

come back. color me yours, again.


  1. annwjwhite · October 21, 2016

    Nice, I like what you’ve written. I’m more green type myself.


    • spillingtheteaa · October 21, 2016

      thank you, I love the color of green. I was actually planning on writing something on “green” in memory/remembrance of a friend of mine. maybe, I will sooner than later.


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