to the boys that broke my heart:

i refuse to sit here and tell you all about how much you hurt me. how much i cried. about the countless tears i shed. or all those nights i didn’t sleep. i refuse!

instead… i thank you. for leaving, for cheating, for lying, for screaming, for hurting me.

you, sir, have helped me grow. you showed me what life is. it is pain, smiles, sorrow, sunshine, hell, paradise, tears, and laughs. and you were only a single, simple sentence in my book, in my story.

i am better off without you. i am a stronger woman. you pushed me down and stepped all over me, but i got up. i am a taller woman than when i was “yours”. i am a braver woman today than before. i am a prettier woman, because i stand alone. i am a smarter woman,  because i let you go. i am a woman.

and i wish you luck on finding one of those…

… a women of passion, love, and strength. a woman… and when you find her, i pray that she breaks your heart so that you, too, can grow……………




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